Driving Change

At KUBE Ventures we firmly believe substantive change comes from new ideas. Start-ups will drive transformation in our industry. We must encourage and empower innovative initiatives to be integral to the future of global hospitality.

How we work

KUBE Ventures works with start-ups. We create bespoke methodologies and deliverables to incubate, accelerate and realise the vision of our entrepreneurs.

We grow ideas and connect start-ups with industry experts. We help create financial roadmaps and find investors. Our goal is to enhance your transformative impact.

KUBE Ventures starts its own initiatives. With our own innovative minds, we develop the ideas ourselves. These ideas are grown to maturity. We then seek investment and other visionaries that can take the reins. We set our ideas free as initiatives we hope will drive change.

Start-up Support

We curate what you need

We hand-pick industry experts who offer their guidance, supporting you with experience and knowledge. We fine-tune your operations from tech to finance, brand to human resources, B2B to B2C. We foster your why and set-out a clear roadmap forwards. On top of our tangible deliverables, we welcome you in as one of our own. You are part of a greater network of disruptive movements and empowered people.

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