Our Culture

KUBE shareholders are bold and experienced individuals who share decades of knowledge in global hospitality. Our partners connect through values and a common desire to create change. We recognise the need to innovate while respecting the history and essence of our industry.

Meet our Shareholders

Linked by common values and beliefs, our shareholders are industry leaders and drivers of change in their own right.

“Our partners connected through values and a common desire to create change”

KUBE People

Wulf van Alkemade
Forward Short Leg Holding BV

Major achievements never get accomplished by one individual. Brining the right talent and knowledge to the table is an art on its own. Knowing and connecting people is a passion and drive, with rewards for all involved.

Marloes Knippenberg
Kerten Hospitality

Entrepreneurs see what can be done and inspire others to support them realising it. It really doesn’t matter what it is you contribute in this process to an entrepreneur, as long as you join the journey. Reaching the purpose jointly is the entrepreneurs reward.

Andrew Fay
President, Co-founder
The Gettys Group Companies

Innovation is creating something into existence, design is providing its beauty and acceptance. Combining purpose, functionality, beauty and desire creates special miracles everyone talks about through time and actually makes design timeless.

RJ Friedlander

To achieve entrepreneurially one needs passion, vision, drive, tenacity and too much energy. When your surrounding says it can’t be done, you go to work… Success is not proving them wrong, but the satisfaction of reaching your goals.

Michael Levie
KUBE & CitizenM

People make hospitality come to life. Culture allows for a constant hospitality delivery. Genuine human interaction is the hospitality secret. Combining all three makes this magic look simple.

Jacqueline Sonnabend
Consultant/ Executive Coach Ignite

Humans are perfectly created machines, each with their own abilities and specialties. Yes, they even function along similar paths and structure, expressed through values and character. Provided with a solid base and foundation, learning and development can make them reach just about anything.

Lyle Worthington
Principal, Technology Executive
Worthington Consulting

Vision isn’t enough; an operational and functional understanding is also required. You need to understand what problem you are trying to solve, and why people want or need this solution. Building the right architecture is the next step, and then solid product management will make the magic happen.

Wolfgang Neumann
Chairman of the Board of Trustees The Hotel School, The Hague

Serving leadership with purpose will achieve great results in any field. Experience combined allows for diversification. This is when one is ready to take on new fields of passion and make the difference.

Nicolas Mayer
Global Tourism Industry Leader

Knowledge alone is not enough; it needs combining with research and the right specialist experience. Structure and measurable delivery will focus and speed all involved towards success. Orchestrating and conducting this process make it sound like music.

Henri Roelings
Founder & CEO
Hospitality Net

Content with focus and clear structure serves individuals and a total industry alike. Encouraging and directing content creation can then shape an individual and industry. Although in a supporting role, content helps shape the future…

Jing Zhu
Founder & Chairpeople

Culture inspired innovation and creativity leads to special opportunities. Guiding start-ups on their journey and connecting them to the right support and knowledge important. Combine that with solid investment and you just have created to perfect mix for success.

Jonathan Worsley
Chairman & Founder

Connecting people enriches the mind and soul to electrify thinking. Purposely choreographing that connect can assist in the speed and direction of an individual, group or even industry. Choosing the right topics and players is an art.

Henk den Hollander
CIRE Invest

Great ideas no matter how simple with a solid business proposition deserve attention. A good entrepreneur is able to build the right team to make an investment flourish. Repeat this over and over again and you have a serial entrepreneur.

DUng Olivier ĐO NgOc

The art of investment is based on affinity, attraction, research, data, solid due diligence, financial architectural insight, fiscal and legal knowledge and 360 degree thinking. As artists develop techniques and build experience, successful investing similarly requires organic flow and raw talent

Thierry Loue
Board Member / Senior Business Advisor
10X Partner

To achieve personal and business greatness one better take the job serious. With the right balance of thinking and applying knowledge structure is achieved. Allowing the heart to play a critical role of guidance the rewards will show.

David Keen

Values are the character of a “brand”. They express themselves through a specific tone of voice and visual expression. When brought to life, a “brand” becomes the beacon for everything and everyone to navigate on.

Jan Jaap van Roon

Technology as a science still needs purpose, insight and feeling to become unicorn destined. Creativity based on these principles combined with entrepreneurship will lead to intuitive and functional systems. Tech really sounds human…