Our Guide

Connected by values, KUBE Conscience is a board of diverse individuals who act as a conscience to KUBE.




Different perspectives, common values. Our conscience offers contrasting opinions, exposing all dimensions of a situation.


Diverse Leadership

Our conscience represents our diverse world. Diverse culture, education, experience, gender, age and background only enhances our knowledge and credibility.


Transformative Governance

We aim to transform heirarchical governance. KUBE Conscience offers a circular method of decision making based on humility and mutual understanding.

Connected by values

KUBE checks with its conscience when making any critical decisions. We let our conscience be our guide.

Diversity Drivers

Our conscience represents all global cultures.  This provides more diverse and empathetic perspectives as the board deliberates on projects that aim to affect change across the world.

The team is mixed with people from different academic backgrounds. We foster diverse passions and interests, diversifying our approaches to problem solving.

Experience in different professions immensely contributes to our collective understanding. KUBE Conscience members learn from their meaningful experiences, and pass on those learnings.

Although we believe that age is just a number, your generation and age can change your perspective. We foster minds that span across time.

Economic backgrounds and circumstances do not define who we are, but they do deliver different perspectives. This broadens our understanding of different target audiences.

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Introduction to the team

KUBE Conscience is a diverse group of individuals. We have different backgrounds, experience, age and more. Our combined knowledge plays an integral part of any and all decisions faced by KUBE.

Roles & responsibilities

KUBE Conscience is the gatekeeper and the final value check to KUBE. Before something is implemented it has to be verified by KUBE Conscience, yet remains separate from the ideas’ conceptualization.

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  • If you are motivated person
  • If you are interested in the hospitality industry
  • If you are passionate about bespoke and comforting service
  • If you are passionate about creating a welcoming environment