Our Think Tank, Our Community

KUBE Circle is a community of visionaries and leaders who shape, progress and transform the world of hospitality.

KUBE Circle is a group of visionaries and leaders who shape, progress and transform the world of hospitality. Our group represents the diverse cultures and dimensions across our industry. As a community, we share and network. KUBE Circle is a place to give. New transformative initiatives are empowered through our member’s breadth of experience and knowledge. We are connected by a common desire to drive change.

Who is a
KUBE Circle Member

We live and breathe hospitality. We understand the rich history and foresee future directions.

We are all very different. From countries to companies, we come from anywhere. Devotion to and achievements in the hospitality space pull our members together. We pride ourselves on giving as a common value.

Our Goals


Connect thought-leaders within the hospitality industry.


Link experience and expertise to transformative start-ups.


Share content to pre-empt the industry’s future needs and desires.


  • Access to the KUBE Circle community platform.
  • Integration into our diverse network of Hospitality experts.
  • First-hand exposure to transformative start-ups.
  • Insights into the latest trends and changes within the industry.
  • Invitations to in-person networking events all over the world.


  • Each member must dedicate four days a year to creating content, guiding start-ups or mentoring sharp young minds.
  • Monthly contributions to KUBE Circle are required. We work on a not-for-profit basis to grow the community.
  • KUBE Circle members act as part of the collective and give back to our extraordinary industry.

Interested in KUBE Circle?

Are you an established professional in the hospitality space? Do you want to give back and catalyse change? We’d love you to get in touch.