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KUBE Ventures

You can send us an email at info@kube-ventures.com

By clicking here you can send all your information in our form. And we will come back to you as soon as possible.

KUBE Ventures works on a success basis and upon
financing rounds can be paid out altogether or stay with a modest participation.

Start-Ups in the Hospitality space.

KUBE Conscience

Send us an email at info@kube-ventures.com explaining your motivation and interest.

KUBE Conscience forms an integral part of the board and participates in all decision making. By nature of its diverse representation, all major decisions will get highlighted from all possible angles.

Yes KUBE Ventures does, if you are interested to learn more please email us at info@kube-ventures.com

KUBE Circle

Yes, anyone can show interest to join and participate.

When joining KUBE Circle, you will be asked to contribute four days a year to creating content, giving advice to start-ups or mentoring sharp young minds.

Please email us at info@kube-ventures.com with your motivation and background.


No, BAM services are long term engagements to assist ownership with “culture”, “people” and “intangible” operational KPI’s, leading to continuous stable guest satisfaction and success.

Send an email to info@kube-ventures.com detailing your interest.