Beyond Asset Management (BAM)

Asset management provides owners financial support and comfort. Businesses have more than only financial KPI’s and require additional care and depth on mostly intangible areas.

Making the intangible tangible is achieved through a series of new measures dealing with guest and employee satisfaction, brand acceptance and management contribution to purpose and values.

What is BAM?

BAM guidance can start as early as the start-up, but equally can be called upon during the course of running a business.

Purpose and brand definition success need a measurement or KPI. Setting these goals are project and owner driven, should be mirrored against similar projects for relevance and preferably set new standards.

Involvement starts with ownership but involves all constituencies. Transparent communication of the purpose and KPI’s allows for full involvement, responsible and accountable participation.

Rewards need to be felt and shared by all involved for stable delivery through time.

BAM delivers through long term engagement owner support to score well in all areas.

Contact information for BAM

Please share your company product or service and as much information as possible and share the purpose and achievement you are looking for.

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