A Moment in History

The time is now. Never before has there been a pause in this industry. Today hospitality is facing its greatest challenges and its greatest opportunities. We believe that the time is now to construct and foster new entities that drive change.


KUBE incubates and accelerates transformative start-ups in global hospitality. Our bespoke method empowers organisations to realise their potential and create meaningful change. We harness the expertise of veterans, visionaries and leaders in hospitality. We look at innovation in all industries and cross pollinate. We dare to experiment in unexplored territory, making hospitality an industry that welcomes new ideas.

Our Vision

KUBE celebrates hospitality. We believe human connections, welcoming spaces and perfect service is the essence of being hospitable. Yet somehow we confuse this with a reluctance to change. As other industries evolve, we too must foster exponential growth. KUBE believes, at its core, that we require new initiatives to position our industry at the forefront of thought. We mesh with forward-thinkers across all industries. We draw on rich experience from hospitality veterans. We will invigorate the core of hospitality through transformation.

Guiding Principles

  • Drive meaningful change
  • Take hospitality into the avant-garde, making the industry a beacon for innovation, joy and humanity
  • Democratise organisations, creating inclusion, diversity and equal opportunity
  • Harness the beauty and strengths of each individual
  • Nurture culture in its unfiltered form
  • Educate and give back
  • Create sustainable, robust business models that ensure organisation-wide success
  • Commit to ceaselessly developing sustainable environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies
  • Embrace other industries to learn and augment the hospitality industry
  • Imbue humility and respect

Our Goal

At KUBE we aim to strengthen hospitality at its core through encouraging new ideas. To achieve our goal, we let our values and conscience guide us.

KUBE Founders

David Keen

Values are the character of a “brand”. They express themselves through a specific tone of voice and visual expression. When brought to life, a “brand” becomes the beacon for everything and everyone to navigate on.

Michael Levie
KUBE & CitizenM

People make hospitality come to life. Culture allows for a constant hospitality delivery. Genuine human interaction is the hospitality secret. Combining all three makes this magic look simple.